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Asylum Seekers

Over the past year and a half, ASC has assisted over 210 asylum seekers and their families, who were forced to flee their home countries after experiencing violence or threats of violence and death, because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or sexual orientation. They were denied help from the police or were persecuted by government authorities. You can learn about a few of them here. 

Read one of our asylum seeker's inspiring stories.

BU0A0096 - Friend with documents_edited.

A former human rights attorney from Colombia who fled after a paramilitary group kidnapped her because of her political opinions and threatened to kill her entire family.


A transgender applicant from Venezuela who was persecuted because of their gender identity and denied help from the police.


A Peruvian victim of gang violence, including kidnapping and torture, who was not protected by the government.

A politically active couple who were included on a “wanted persons” list in Colombia.

A gay man from Jamaica who was subjected to violence and threats because of his sexual orientation.


A woman from Cameroon who endured decades of violence and abuse at the hands of her much older husband who she was forced to marry as a teenager.

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