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Welcome to the
Asylum Support Clinic

Established in 2022 by a group of experienced pro bono attorneys and volunteers, the Asylum Support Clinic is a volunteer-driven, pro se free legal clinic for asylum seekers in NYC. ASC assists asylum seekers who lack legal representation to file their asylum applications in a way that reduces the challenge and trauma of the process, while also giving them the best chance at prevailing in immigration court. ASC provides critical support for immigrants who have left behind their families, jobs, and homes in search of a safe haven from violence and persecution.

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ASC's volunteer-based model involves a series of meetings over the course of seven weeks with each person we help. This enables ASC volunteers to build trust with asylum seekers, to draft more thorough applications, and to better prepare them to continue on their own. Importantly, after filing their asylum applications, we help them with the crucial next step of applying for work authorization so that they can begin supporting themselves and their families as quickly as possible. 

Immigrants who have fled their home countries because of dangerous and often life threatening situations must file for asylum within one year of entering the US. Yet for immigrants who do not speak English, the application is nearly impossible to complete on their own and within that time frame.

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Welcoming and Safe Space


Asylum Seekers Own Their Own Story

Trauma-Informed Approach

Free, Thorough and Conscientious Support

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